Job Posting – Game Artist (short or long term)

For those not in the know, Flint Games will be shuttering soon and Eli will be moving over to a new full time studio called Delve Bros (with his literal bros!). You can head over to that website: to check us out.

Because it’s still early days and in order to keep this post in stealth mode, we’re putting this here instead of on the Delve Bros website.

Who are the Delve Bros?

The Delve Bros (Zac, Eli, and Willem Delventhal) have backgrounds in engineering, game design, product management, and business. We have more than 20 years of professional game development experience, have shipped 10s of games and products to millions of users, and have worked for several Fortune 500 companies. But, there are no artists among us, which is where this job posting comes in!

What’s our status?

We’re in the process of doing market research and building early prototypes, expecting to commit to a concept and fully start it in late 2020. We know from experience that the game industry is crowded and difficult to stand out within, so we’ve been narrowing down a list of more than 50 game concepts to soon land on what we’ll actually build.

We’d love to have an art partner to work with us, either on a one-time contract basis or, if it’s the right fit, to permanently join the team.

What’s the job?

One of our game concepts we want to try out would be very expensive and difficult to prototype, so we’re planning to test the market with a “gameplay” video. If the video gets good reception, we would then invest in building a pre-alpha version of the game.

We would look for a finished product that lands somewhere near this:

However, it should be in 2D, with an art style that is something like this:

Give that you are the artist, however, we’re super flexible on pretty much everything – how many characters and backdrops need to be drawn, how rough the style can be, etc. This is a great opportunity for you to set the style and artistic direction.


  • This is a paid job. However, we will almost certainly be unable to pay normal game industry rates – we’re flexible with figuring out alternative ways to make up the gap.
  • We will of course give more details “in person”.
  • We can send the game design doc for the concept if desired.
  • We will provide a script for the gameplay video and some (poorly drawn) storyboard mocks.
  • There is absolutely no art created yet, and no actual gameplay – this video would be for a market test, however the resulting art could potentially be used later for a pre-alpha version of the game.
  • This game concept will never get made if this trailer test does not perform well.
  • We will need an Art Director on our team sooner rather than later – if it’s a great fit and both the Delve Bros and you are interested, it’s possible this could turn into that.

Email me at if interested!