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  • Here are some initial thoughts from the first time through the tutorial.
    When each stage starts there is a bubble of dialog. I expected that I needed to click to accept/dismiss this before starting. But my first click was actually setting my character in motion. Never got used to this. Very jarring. I suggest you add a “click to continue” mechanic to these.
    The first level in the tutorial should not have you start with no weapon. It was frustrating to have my FIRST click in the actual game be both an unexpected action (previous point) ANd lead to my death. Maybe the first level you can beat them bare handed. The second level could let you learn about the skulls by dying.
    Give us a causal mode of play with no timers.
    The music seems to have a Doppler effect when you transition to the next level. It can be quite sickening. I am sure that your composer doesn’t like to hear their music go flat like that.

    • There should be some sort of indicator when you have beat a level. Score? Medal? Are there sub goals?
      Allow us to select if the music is on/off.

      • Thanks so much for all the feedback, Erik! All great points.

        Totally agree with you about the tutorial – for BlitzKeep 2.0 (coming this summer along with the Apple TV, PC, and multiplayer releases) we’re totally redoing the tutorial. Because yeah it’s really not great. Passable at best, for many of the reasons you mentioned.

        Casual mode – yeah you’re right! I plan on moving the Priest class earlier, which stops the timer (but also you can’t collect gold). Going with that, you’re right that blocking from buying whatever class you want is irritating. Also, some are overpriced, and the shop is difficult to navigate. In the 2.0 update, the shop has been overhauled – every class can be bought at any time, and you can get specific details about them. Also, the classes all have their own character sprites.

        Yeah, my composer does NOT like that Doppler effect. It’s a low priority bug I haven’t figured out – I think it has to do with the game lagging a frame as it loads the next room. It’s on my wishlist to fix! In the 2.0 update, there are options to control your sound fx / music volume.

        Good idea on the level completion indicators! I will look into that.

        Thanks again, Erik! Please feel free to post more feedback or email me directly at the address above.

  • In the shop: I like that I can select the Rogue and see what his attributes are. You should be able to click Midas and see what he has, too. Right now it says “buy the rogue”. It should only say that if you try to click to buy it.
    Also, don’t make us buy the rogue to be able to buy Midas. What if a player prefers one type of game play to the other. They should be able to save up for the costlier one if they like it better.

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