1.1 Update – New Tutorial, Better Balance, Game Center Integration, Skull Icons!

Hey everyone! The 1.1 update is live on Android, and will be approved on the App Store in the next few days. It’s got some great changes that really help the game feel better, and fixes some issues you’ve reported to us!

Most notably, I think if you try the game again now, from start to finish, the difficulty curve is going to feel a lot better. Previously, each level had a fixed power range for its enemies. That meant that if you beat level 1 with a ton of power, then level 2 would be really easy. But, if you just barely were strong enough to beat level 1, then level 2 would be much more of a challenge (in some cases, maybe even practically impossible!). Now, no matter how well you beat the level before, the curve in each level will be consistent. Also, the curve across each level should be much more spread out. No more dying in the first room over and over, then the rest of the level being a breeze. Now, it should all be consistently challenging in a much more satisfying way.

That brings us to: why replay levels? Because of high scores and Game Center (and Google Play leaderboards too)! Since the levels are harder or easier based on how well you’ve gone through the entire episode, that allows you to get really different episode scores! The best score is going to be based on how well you beat every single level, in total. Good luck beating your friends!

The tutorial has had a much-needed overhaul. But it still isn’t great. :-/ We’ll keep working on it.

Going along with the balance tweaks, we made most of the bosses much more difficult. The reason for this is that originally your status was not saved upon entering a boss room. Once you got to the boss, you either won or died and restarted the entire level. This was pretty frustrating, so we added the boss save in. But, it makes the bosses less climactic. So, now they’re much more difficult! Especially the frog boss.

Above each enemy that’s stronger than you, there is a skull. Once they’re weaker, the skull goes away. Use this to plan!

Here is the official change list:

  • MAJOR balance changes. Now each level is consistently difficult, regardless of how well you did in previous levels, and the curve should be much more fun! Good luck in Impopolis…
  • Game Center integration!
  • Much better tutorial!
  • Bosses are harder!
  • A new skull icon that shows when an enemy is stronger than you – very useful!
  • More explosions! Literally.
  • Added a button so you can reset your level data without throwing out your overall data.
  • Fixes, tweaks, polish, all ’round.

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